Friday, February 14, 2014

Lon Rosen Speaks to the Manhattan Sports Business Academy

 The Manhattan Sports Business Academy (MSBA) reports that Executive Vice President of the LA Dodgers, Lon Rosen recently spoke to students and staff via skype about a variety of topics. Mr. Rosen candidly discussed topics ranging from his early friendship with Earvin "Magic" Johnson, as well as providing insight to the process that Magic Johnson and the Guggenheim partners went through to purchase the Dodgers for $2.5 billion. Lon also discussed his son Brian's current project to create a national sports business club. Read the entire report at the link below...

As the Manhattan Sports Business Academy enters its final week, it becomes quite clear just how impactful this program has been to all of us. From meeting industry executives to experiencing once in a lifetime opportunities to visit different venues, MSBA has been an incredible journey. The overall effervescent personalities of the students in our program not only helped make this summer unforgettable, but it also, led to a future filled with new lifelong friends. I can say with a great deal of candor that this was an adventure of a lifetime. As we get ready to present our “Think Tank” projects and conclude MSBA, we will definitely be making the most of our last week in New York City. This past Sunday night was a very special treat for us, as Lon Rosen, Executive Vice President of Magic Johnson Enterprises and longtime agent of Magic Johnson, was able to speak to us via Skype. Lon spoke about a variety of topics, ranging from his early days interning for the Los Angeles Lakers and Los Angeles Kings, to his present day endeavors with Earvin “Magic” Johnson and the Los Angeles Dodgers. Most interestingly, Lon told us that him and Magic became close friends before they began working with one another, and he used to take Magic to his college parties! He was incredibly open and straightforward when responding to questions, and even allowed students to ask personal questions about the darker days of Magic’s playing career.

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